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Orgia com macbook Pro termina em desastre


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Meu deus, leiam isso:


This is a 100% serious question, so mods, plz don't lock this thinking I'm just being an *******. I really do need help with this.

I put my laptop on the floor with the lid open (because I was coding) so my girlfriend and myself could have some private time.

I'll skip the details, there's female juices all over my macbook pro keyboard. The reason why I state the substance is b/c it's important you know that it's sticky & is started to not smell normal 'n the like..

I need to wash the keyboard, but I don't know what I can use that's both wet, and will also take off any sticky stuff on there. I don't know what I can use chemical wise on it besides a damp towel.

As soon as I found out (I'm not sure how long that was after it happened) I turned off the computer and flipped it upside down to drain, and some did.

I wiped the keys and got as thoroughly in there with a damp towel (water) as I could.

The macbook pro's structure is different than most laptops, I'm sure I can google instructions on how to take it apart, but A) I'm afraid to, :P I'm not about to try 'n explain this to apple care, and C) I don't know much about the keyboard, because it's back-lit. Is it just like any other laptop keyboard, where there's a flat surface underneath, or is there places due to the back-lighting where liquids can go?

I looked down in it with a flash light and it seems to be just a flat surface, so I'm pretty sure I might be able to do this without taking it apart. So what chemicals can I use on the keys that will help remove sticky stuff but not damage the case and still clean it up?

I'm assuming if I just use any kind of "gunk" remover, like windex in very small moderations on a damp towel of heavily diluted windex it would work fine, though I've never dealt with cleaning this case with anything other than water and I don't know what will happen. Normally I'd spring for the acetone, or gasoline, but I'm afraid it'll eat away at this, even if used in heavy moderation.

Tips, are all welcome, and if it's possible, plz don't bash me, as Jess said, accidents happen. I don't intend on using my MBP until I get this problem resolved, but I do have a program to turn in Monday. I removed the battery and purged it (not that it makes any difference b/c I didn't take out the backup battery for clock 'n such).

Uhh, thanks for your potential help, and just a lil FYI, there's not much information about this on Google.

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Haha, isso me lembra o clássico caso do garoto e seu dreamcast ( <= pra quem nunca ouviu falar).

Lembro quando li essa história a uns 2 anos, clássico dos clássicos, morro de rir até hoje. Quando li o título deste tópico "Orgia com macbook Pro" lembrei na mesma hora caso do Dreamcast.


Agora algumas respostas do MacRumors:

Get a keyboard condom...seriously!



Originally Posted by Screwball View Post

Best topic ever! F*ckbook Pro! Take the keyboard off, and wash it thoroughly and let it dry somewhere ( preferably not where you're having private time )

This comment combined with your name had me in stitches.


Originally Posted by rdowns View Post

Have you considered these?

We have a winner!


Please, please video your trip to the Genius Bar over this; I want to see the guy's (or gal's) face

Com essa ultima eu queria ver num youtube da vida, o cara do rapaz do Genius Bar quando olhar o F * ckbook pro.

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