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    Bruno Ramos recebeu reputação de Dhyan Shanasa em Apple Brasil: Nova vergonha MacBook Retina   
    Mandei um email pro Tim Cook e não me forcei a ser muito educado:
    Hey Tim.
    I'm a hardcore Apple user since my first computer. I think paying for Apple products what they're worth is perfectly fine, since all of them, from the iPod Shuffle to the top Mac Pro are better than anything else out there.
    But you guys really DO wanna sell computers in Brazil right? I mean, that's what you WANT? Sell it everywhere?
    Macbook Pro 13" USA - US$1199,00 - Brazil - R$3999,00
    Macbook Air 13' USA - US$1199,00 - Brazil - R$4999,00
    You can blame the taxes as much as you want, but R$1000,00 difference on two products that cost the same in the US?
    Does Apple-BR think brazilians can't add?
    We want respect. Really, it's getting tiresome.
    With capitalism you can charge whatever you want, we understand that. But Apple-BR should realize they're a key factor in the lives of many people and deal with it with a little more responsibility.
    And to think we won't figure out such absurds is down right naive. They sell computers. They know how easy it is to go online and check how things are done in the rest of the world.
    It's cheaper to take a plane and fly 8 hours to Miami and buy it there than to buy it "officially".
    From up there, Americans may see Brazil as the underdeveloped country it is. That doesn't mean that its people are.
    Thanks for reading this,
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